A fully loaded F-16 fighter weighs the same as 2,650,000 paper airplanes.

The Weight of a Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft in Paper Airplanes

The F-16 Fighting Falcon has a gross weight of 26,500 pounds according to the F-16 specs on Wikipedia.

For our comparison, the specs for a paper airplane are that it's made from a standard sheet of printer paper with no scotch tape, paper clips, or other fancy additions to the design.

Amazon says that 500 sheets of printer paper weighs 5 pounds so we'll use that for our estimate.

After running the super computer, we find out that the weight of a single F-16 aircraft is the same weight as 2,650,000 paper airplanes.

And yes I thought the number would be larger also but bear in mind that to make that amount of paper airplanes you'll need 5,300 reams of printer paper. That'll put your back out for sure.

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